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Kenya Safaris summary

Kenya boasts of various sceneries, ancient granitic hills, desert, coral reefs, wildlife, and history. It contains of twenty three terrestrial National Parks, twenty eight terrestrial National reserves, four Marine National Parks,6 Marine National Reserves and four National Sanctuaries.

Kenya Safaris National Parks provide a brand new expertise of life Holidays to Kenya|African country|African nation} splendor starting from the large 5 of Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo to the world-renowned gnu migration, the best game exodus on earth, the aquatic attractions embody Dolphins, Hippos, Crocodiles etc.

While in Republic of Kenya Visit;

1. Maasai Mara game Reserve
Maasai Mara is one in every of Africa's greatest life reserves in conjunction with serengeti park in Tanzania it forms Africa's most various, unimaginable and most spectacular eco systems and presumably the world's prime campaign game viewing. the maasai mara is thought for wildbeest migration conjointly termed as ''Seventh surprise of the World” or higher still the “World Cup of Wildlife”

2. Mountain Republic of Kenya park and Reserve
Mountain Republic of Kenya is that the second tallest Mountain in Africa with breath taking scenery consisting of Lakes, Glaciers, Dense forests, Mineral springs and life as well as Elephants, Tree hyrax, white viverrine mammal, Bushbucks, antelope and Elands. Over one hundred thirty bird species are recorded here.

3. Amboseli park
is topped by Mountain Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak and is one in every of Kenya’s most well-liked parks. Here giant herds of Elephants may be viewed up shut, Leopards, Cheetahs, wild dogs, Buffalos, Zebras are during this place. This park has prolific birdlife options of 600 species.

4. The Island park
Is home to a copiousness of birdlife as well as thirty four species of European migrants most stunningly viewed as they come back home between March and should. alternative twenty three species of birds breed here like Goliath heron, African skimmer and this park is right for game observation and has one in every of the world’s largest concentrations of Crocodiles.

5. The Saiwa swamp National Parkwhich
Is a veritable haven for nature lovers, full of exotic flowers, trees and birds. it's conjointly the environs of the rare and vulnerable semi-aquatic sitatunga bovid and as a preserve for the rare Delaware Brazza’s monkey. This park contains a cool shade and is compact providing a perfect dawn walk and biological science safaris.

6. Sibiloi park
which is found on the wild and rugged shores of Lake Turkana. The Park is home to special archaeologic sites and is a stopover for migrant water fowl and may be a major piece of land for the Nile River Crocodiles. Terrestrial life includes Zebras, Grant gazelles, Lions, Leopards, stripped hyenas, Cheetahs and Northern Topi. Discover wild life treasures at Ruma park that consists of a mosaic of landscapes starting from riverine ground and rolling savannah to brilliant escarpments and lofty cliffs, it's conjointly Kenya’s last remaining sanctuary for the vulnerable roan bovid.
The Ndere Island park that is found on lake and may be a haven for birds. coated principally in piece of ground, Ndere Island provides stunning scenic reads of the Hoima hills to the south mageta Island to the East and a view of Kampala|national capital} in Uganda on the far side the south west.


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