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We will help you to design Uganda gorilla safari tours of lifetime memories that suits your personal interest as well as your budget and enjoy an exhilarating Uganda safari game drive in stunning national parks of Uganda, offering an unparalleled experience of Uganda safari holidays, wildlife safari and encounter with rare mountain gorilla. We will create the perfect Uganda gorilla safari tours that meets your expectations with the help of our safari consultants. We will help you in getting the best advice when choosing for the best safari destination in Uganda. Check out our 4 day gorilla package or 7days best Uganda gorilla trekking package. Choosing a good Uganda safari tour operator  ensures that you land on the best destination that will make you enjoy every bit of it.  Landing on the best Uganda safari company should not stress you because you only need to Contact us to book your safari or pick one of our packages and Customize Uganda gorilla Safari tours that is great for your visit. Consider us for the most exciting travel destinations; we would love to offer you an adventure travel that meets your dream of visiting this pearl of Africa. You can read more about  Gorilla trekking.

Once your safari request is received, we will assign one safari consultant who will be in touch with you and guide you through the process of customizing your safari to make planning and organizing your Uganda safari holiday simple to visit gorillas in Uganda. We will advise and give you our free itinerary in order to make it easy to plan for your Uganda Travel and Tours and Uganda Gorilla safari tours by offering personal, professional, friendly service. We will look after you during your trip from day one to the end so that you can enjoy Uganda safari holidays and Uganda gorilla safari tours, our tour guides are well educated and offer professional service. Our 11 day safari takes you to the very best of Uganda safari tours has to offer. We will guide you to experience Uganda wildlife safari to Uganda’s most visited and scenic national parks and Experience unforgettable Uganda gorilla safari tours and wildlife encounters. We will guide you on a journey to visit 18 groups of the endangered mountain gorillas and lot of other primates in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Park where half of the world’s mountain gorillas live. Our Uganda gorilla safari tour packages range from 4 days excursion tours to 22 days. We organize customized Uganda safari tours for independent travelers and groups, birding safari, school and college, honeymoon and holiday safaris, vacation tours and many more as requested by client. Our team of expert Uganda safari holidays consultants is ready to tailor your trip as you need it.

Is Uganda good for safari?
Yes Uganda is very good for safari, Uganda is one of the best country for safari in East Africa.
What is the best month to visit Uganda?
The best month to visit Uganda is June to September and December to April.
How much is Uganda safari?
200USD – 1800USD per person per day




4 Days  Gorilla Trekking Uganda

4 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari Tours

Is located amidst magnificent forests in the extreme end of Southwest Uganda, across the steep escarpments of the western rift valley, Bwindi is the only park in the world that is famous for harboring half of
the world’s endangered Mountain gorillas. This 4 days safari will fufill your gorilla trekking dream to Uganda. We are excited to share with you this adventure experience. Apart from gorilla trekking, you will also encounter cultural experiences with the Batwa people who live around the park with these gorillas. Safari in Uganda and Uganda gorilla safari tours is a lifetime experience. Our accommodation options range from midrange to high end luxury lodges.  Contact us for quotation and more details about this package

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7 Days Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Wildlife Safari

7 Days
Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Wildlife Safari  

This 7days Gorilla, wildlife and chimpanzee safari package takes you to the very best of Uganda Safari and gorilla trekking Uganda. This Uganda Gorilla safari tour comes with best and clean lodging options which range from Mid-range to High End Luxury in both road trip and fly in Safari. The first day of your trip will be spent at Entebbe then second day you will proceed to Kibale forest National park for Chimpanzee while the third day after Chimpanzee trek will head to queen Elizabeth National park to spot big 5 Africa and end with Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable National Park in day six, day 7 will drive back to Entebbe airport.  Contact us for more details

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7 Days Kibale Queen Elizabeth National Park And Lake Mburo Safari

7 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

This 7 days Uganda Safari itinerary includes Uganda Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest National park, Boat Cruise in kizinga channel, Wildlife Viewing at kasenyi Plaines the best sector for game drives in queen Elizabeth National park, Scenic viewing and game walk, cultural walks in Kibale. This is also perfect package for those who love birds as lake Mburo national park offers variety of birds and zebras. Contact us for quotation and more details about this package  We are convinced that you are going to end up absolutely satisfied with this customized wildlife adventure to Uganda with our field tour guides.

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4 Days Murchison Falls National Park

4 Days Wildlife  Safari to Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison is one of the largest national parks in Uganda it split into two parts by  River Nile. The amazing view of Budongo forest as you enter the park, rugged terrain of the western Rift valley and the top of Murchison falls where water cascades through a narrow gorge 45M.  The Murchison falls national park is among the top five visited National parks in Uganda and it offers a variety of wildlife, this is also a place where you find the rare Shoebill Stork and many more bird species. Its a must to include when planning for your Uganda safari.  Contact us for more details about Safari to Murchison Falls National park

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5 Days Gorillas
& Chimpanzees Safari

This is the perfect Uganda safari package for those of addictated to primates, 5 day gorilla and chimpanzee package lets you feel the real gorilla and chimpanzee experience. This safari begins from Kibale forest national park then end in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park where you will encounter gorillas in their natural home. This 5 days package features, birding, cultural encunters and sightseing during transfers and this is standard package for those who dont want to be on rush as it allows you enough time. Accommodation on this Uganda gorilla safari tour is superb, we allow you to select accommoadation type of your choice. Contact us for more details about this package. 

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22 Days
Budget Birding Safari

Discover a unique birding experience at Botanical Gardens and afternoon birding at Mabamba wetland on a wooden canoe and game drives to see the Africa’s Big Five in action while in the wild. Discover Murchison Falls National Park and experience number of activities like hot air balloon ride, hiking the falls and superb game drives. Experience Uganda gorilla Safari tours to Queen Elizabeth National Park  boat cruise, habituated Chimpanzee trekking at Kyambura gorge and game rides and encounter with rare endangered Mountain gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Nation Park. You will also discover a variety of birds in Budongo Forest and Lake Mburo National Park. Contact us for more details about Safari to Murchison Falls National park

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Why Visit Uganda “The Pearl Of Africa”

Home to Mountain Gorillas 
Uganda has over 50% of worlds endngered mountain gorillas 

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda
Uganda is home to primates and gorilla trekking is affordable
The People
Uganda has friendly people with interesting culture.
Uganda is The Pearl of Africa
Lakes, mountains, tea plantations, and waterfalls are some of the landmarks that made an impression on Winston Churchill when he traveled here, leading him to refer to it as “The Pearl of Africa”.
What is Uganda safari?
Uganda Safari is simply means the Uganda journey. By mentioning Uganda Safari simply you mean Uganda journey. Uganda journey or Uganda safari has number of activities to adventure which includes; Uganda gorilla safari tours, birding, wildlife game drives, cultural experiences which is referred to as community tourism among others. However the word safari is Kiswahili language and it has become common today and widely used to refere "jurney". We would love you to enjoy Uganda safari and Uganda gorilla safari tours. Uganda has all what you need to be comfortable right from lodges which offer services from budget, midrange, low luxury and high end luxury this gives you to have magical time in Uganda. Hiring professional tour operator like us is all what you need to put your effort when planning for your Uganda safari or Uganda gorilla safari tours because we know all what you need and will curate your safari to meet your expectations, we do not just give you sightseeing experiences but we give you to experience memorable African culture and beyond.  We treat you in unique way because we want you to feel like you are the only one experiencing Uganda safari and Uganda gorilla safari tours.

Planning Uganda Safari:

Safari to Uganda is always planned a head of time one to two years, this is because to allow you enough time to study, understand and trust tour operator you are dealing with and also this gives tour company enough time to tailor made your trip accordingly. Secondly if you are coming for Uganda gorilla safari tour, you are advised to start planning for Uganda safari early as gorilla trekking permits get sold so quickly, is always recommended to secure your permit a head of time at least one year before. However one can still book Uganda safari within short notice, four to six months to arrival but this does not guarantee you to have gorilla trekking permit. All these are organized by tour agency or tour operator you are hiring.

Shoebill stalks in Uganda:
Shobills are endegered bird and are very rare birds on earth, these birds can found in Central and East Africa in particular it can be seen at Murchison falls national park along the banks of river nile in Delta area, Mabamba swamp in lake victoria closed to Entebbe, Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park at southern of lake Edward etc. the bird has unique features this makes it to be most wanted to pay a visit. Some say its very scary bird; this is one of the activities which drive visitors to this pearl of Africa.

Chimpanzees in Uganda Safari:

This is another unique and a must do activity, many tourists who visit wonder why this small country Uganda is blessed with primates, Kibale national park the home to thousands of chimpanzees has become more popular and most visited in the world today and its a must to include in your travel bucket list of Uganda safari better still African safari. Tracking chimpanzee is not as difficult as Uganda Gorilla safari tours though they move swiftly in the forest but remains easier activity, chimpanzees can be tracked in the morning or afternoon depending on the shift best for you. When it comes to securing trekking permits, you do not need to secure permits as early as securing gorilla trekking permits, apart from chimps, the park is blessed with number of other primates like monkeys among others also hiking and cultural encounters are in Kibale before you connect to the next destination or return to the airport.

Uganda wildlife in Savannah national park.
Primates being popular on destination Uganda has drawn people to ask following questions;

Where can I see gorillas in Uganda?

Where can I see Elephants and Lions in Uganda?

Which other activities are done on safari to Uganda?

How much is Uganda safari?

Well, Uganda being popular for having half worlds famous primates has made other travellers to think that Uganda is only for Uganda gorilla safari tours but this is still not correct, Uganda has almost every type of wildlife, mentioning few; Zebras, Elephants, Hippos, Lions, Cheaters, leopards, gazelles, Buffalo etc. remember Uganda is a home to rare tree climbing lions this makes Uganda the best destination in Africa because you have a chance to spot almost every kind of African wildlife. 
Bwindi is the only national park in the world famous for harboring more than half of mountain gorillas in the whole universe, Bwindi impenetrable national park is the only forest you can see gorillas in Uganda.

The question should be, where can I see other wildlife in Uganda? But let’s answer the question; where can I see Elephants and Lions in Uganda?
Let’s go straight to the answer here, the Elephants and Lions are seen in Queen Elizabeth National park and Murchison falls National Park in Uganda, these are two famous and most visited national parks in Uganda, they are on the list of best of Uganda safari.

Other question is; which other activities are done on safari to Uganda? Uganda has a lot to offer to her visitors, right from gorillas, chimpanzees, game drives in savannah parks, cultural experiences, city tours, historical sites visit like Iddi Amini torture chamber, Kabakas palace, Namugongo martyrs shrine, Punishment Island etc.
Uganda also has other tourism sites like Sempaya female and male hot springs, Sip falls, Nyero rock paintings Source of river Nile excursions among others, the fact remains that Uganda safari or Safari to Uganda is safe with amazing experiences.

Let’s take a look another common question people always ask; how much is Uganda safari? Or how much is safari to Uganda?
The answer is whether you are planning Uganda gorilla safari tour or just savannah wildlife safari, the cost for Uganda safari depends on number of people, type of preferred accommodation, and number of days and season of travel but let’s look at average cost of Uganda Safari or Uganda gorilla safari tours and savannah parks wildlife safari below;
Couple on Uganda safari in Standard Midrange lodges on 4 days safari costs between 1,600USD – 2,800USD per person for wildlife game rides. Uganda Gorilla safari tour will cost between 2,045USD – 2,900 per person this is the average cost for either fly in Uganda safari or road trip.


Is it higher to ascertain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda?
Uganda is better country to see gorillas than Rwanda because Uganda has lot of gorillas compared to Rwanda and price is affordable for Uganda.

How much will it price to travel Gorilla trekking in Uganda?
Gorilla trekking in Uganda costs 700USD per person for permits excluded transportation, meals and accommodation.

 How much are gorillas in Uganda?
4 days gorillas costs 2000USD per person

How much does gorilla safari cost?
Gorilla safari costs 500USD per day

How much will it price to ascertain gorillas in Uganda?

To see gorillas in Uganda costs 1500USD to 7000USD depending on accommodation type and Days.

Your guarantee of perfect Uganda Safari holidays
Uganda contains a fine name as a holidaymaker destination, not therefore stunning during a land of glorious scenery and life wonders. In addition to our natural heritage, we in Uganda tourism trade have put huge amount of efforts and talent into creating the top quality Uganda safari tours services and accommodation facilities that will guarantee a wonderful and memorable Uganda safari holidays for each visitors. Planning for your holidays to Uganda should not stress you because we have all what visitors could ask to enjoy Uganda safari tours vacation, don’t hesitate to place your Uganda safari inquiry.

Queen Elizabeth Uganda most diverse national park enjoys a particularly scenic location between lakes Edward and George, at the foot of 5,100 meter Ruwenzori Mountains. Though dominated by grassland, the park also contains lakes, rivers open savannah, acacia woodland, tropical forest and vast wetland. Collectively, this support an impressive 95% mammal species and over 600 species of birds.

With boat journeys on the forty kilometer kazinga channel, a winding drive among spectacular volcanic craters, lion viewing on kasenyi Plaines, chimp pursuit within the depth of Kyambura Gorge, walks in maramagambo forest and game drives in remote wilderness of Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth National park has plenty interest any visitor on Uganda safari tours. The national park experiences two rainy seasons in March to May and August to November, one can plan for Uganda safari holidays to Queen Elizabeth national park in any month of the year but drier months are the best for Uganda safari tours. Lion pride are sustained by the large herds of Uganda kob that graze the Kasenyi grasslands the best place for game drive. Lion encounters on Uganda safari tours are guaranteed by joining the park’s predator research project as its members are monitor radio tagged prides. In the far south of Queen Elizabeth national park, en route to Bwindi forest for Uganda gorilla safari tours, the Ishasha savannah is home to Elephant, topi, buffalo and the park’s famous tree climbing lions.   





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