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Kibale National Park - South Western Uganda


Kibale Forest National Park - Home to Chimpanzees

This is the best safari destination in Uganda and Africa at large, Kibale forest national park is the only park known for chimpanzee trekking in Africa, Kibale forest covers 795km2 and it contains one of the most beautiful tropical rain forest in Uganda. The Kibale forest park protects a giant range of forest life, principally regarding thirteen species of primate accompanied with chimpanzees.

The Kibale Forest covering predominates northern part of national park on the Fort Portal plateau. Kibale forest national park is highest and sits 1590m above sea level.
It’s a usually a hike of 12km and its done mostly in the months of mid-November-February, June and September its dry season period. This helps travelers to discover the river line forest, swamp, grassland and tropical rainforest which are the park’s assorted habitats. A Visit to Bigodi is a must as its Kibale’s   top birding spot.

Kibale Forest park is thought for its life like chimpanzees, red Columbus, black and white Columbus, red caudate monkey, Tragelaphus scriptus yet as Herpestes and regarding 138 bird species which can be spotted on nature walk safari, walking safari known as nature walks  begins from Kanyanchu and the walk takes between 2-6 days. In Addition, Northern Kibale is that the wettest as a result of it receives average annual precipitation of 1700mm, principally within the months March-May and September-November.. This makes climate unfavorable for hikers and nature walkers as the Southern part of Kibale forest national park borders Queen Elizabeth National Park the best national park for game drive in Uganda. A safari to Uganda can allow visitors to experience both primates in Kibale forest national park and game viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park. The Bakiga people who are also immigrants are still tightly holding their culture and tradition, travelers participate on dancing, folklore as expressed by the Bakiga tribe.


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